JSPS Asia-Africa Science Platform Program Annual Meeting &
International Symposium on Pioneering Rehabilitation Medical Engineering
PRME 2012
Annual Symposium on Medical Engineering of Chiba Univ. MECU 2012
The Second International Symposium on InfoComm &
Media Technology in Bio-Medical & Healthcare Application
3T-in-3A 2012
Student Medical Engineering Innovation Competition SMEIC 2012
Welcome to ME Week 2012 in Chiba

  This event will bring together the researchers and scholars in medical engineering research area to report and discuss the latest progress in medical engineering research field, and explore the possibility of the international cooperation in this interdisciplinary and exciting field.

  Moreover, it attempts to provide chances for young researchers in the medical engineering field to show their innovative ideas on a high-level international stage.


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group photo
ME Week 2012 in Chiba has successfully finished.