Yu Laboratory


Surgery Support Robot

Development of compact suction cup manipulator for WaFLES(Water-Filled Laparoencscopic Surgery) support

Purpose We aim to reduce the difficulty in Water-Filled Laparoencscopic Surgery (WaFLES) using a small suction cup manipulator.
Goal To develop a three-dimensional manipulator that can grasp, fix, and move organs in the abdominal cavity easily.
Results Production of a suction cup with the shape most suitable for grasping organs in water.

Development of surgery support robot

Purpose In an operation requiring highly advanced technology, making the fulcrum of surgical instruments in the body lightens the burden on the doctor.
Goal We will develop a surgical support robot that can freely move inside the abdominal cavity and can move and fix surgical instruments near the operative part.
Results Production and automation of robot manufacturing robot size (16 mm or less) adaptable to human natural holes (mouth etc.)

Energy transmission for WaFLES (underwater Surgery) Support Robot

Puropose WaFLES called a new surgical procedure for laparoscopic surgery has been studied. In order to support this technique, development of a robot is necessary, so we aim to establish the energy transmission method for the support robots.
Goal We will create a compact robot capable of freely driving in the body using energy obtained through experiments.
Results We could show the possibility of energy transmission by ultrasonic wave.