Yu Laboratory




Examination of effect of using mirror therapy with motor illusion stimulus

Purpose Verification of effect by combining visual illusion by mirror therapy and motion illusion by vibration stimulation
Goal Development rehabilitation with this method
Progress Compared to cases of 10 healthy subjects, it was shown that by combining these two illusions, it was shown that the illusion of fMRI brain activation images was more likely to cause significant illusion.

The morphological characteristics of the bladder

Problem declaration The change of bladder contour might be beneficial to grasp lower urinary function, however it have not been thoroughly noted..
Goal To detect the pathophysiology from the change of bladder contour and help medical diagnosis and treatment.
Progress We investigated the differences of the bladder contour the patients with detrusor over activity(DO), which can be cause of overactive bladder, and without DO during voiding using active contour method.

The transfer assistant system for elderly at home

Problem declaration Transfer is a heavy burden for caregivers, but it has an important role in self-support of the care recipient.
Goal A human transfer system with high affinity with people for frail elderly living at home
Progress Consideration in vertical mechanism

Development of home rehabilitation system using VR technology

Problem declaration Although rehabilitation is useful for hemiplegia after stroke, some patients are not rehabilitated due to lack of caregivers and care facilities.
Goal We aim to develop a home rehabilitation system that can be enjoyed like VR games.
Progress We are reconstructing mirror therapy which is one of the treatments for hemiplegia in the VR space and studying task setting and data collection method.

Texture decoding for severe sensory loss patients

Problem declaration Severe sensory loss patients impair manipulation capability to perform in daily life such as picking and grasping objects.
Goal  Develop a sensory perception aid system for rehabilitation training and regain natural hand functions by reconstructing a new sensory perception system in the human body.
Progress Surveying past research, Developing experimental equipment with companies.