Yu Laboratory


Electrophysiological Simulation

Research and development of needle electromyography exam(NEE) robotic simulator

Problem declaration Currently, training for NEE which always used fellow students or colleagues as objects, cannot reproduce multiple pathological conditions for neurological disorders to simulate real NEE.
Goal Develop a novel simulator with lower cost, higher accuracy and less response time to improve medical students’ skill by needle electromyography exam.
Progress Using camera, curved phantom and ring electrode to localize needle tip. The accuracy of localization was (2.01±1.01 mm) for now. Depend on the needle tip position, electromyography sound could be generated with less response time.

Design a personalized assistive device for improving hand and elbow function in Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI)

Problem declaration Conventional assistive device is not effective enough to improve elbow movement in brachial plexus injury (BPI) patients without pain
Goal To design a soft assistive device that facilitate elbow movement with minimum pain for BPI patients
Progress Testing the painful of the wearer with pain-related evoked potential (PREP) during movement with prototype device


Problem declaration Theoretical study on the principles and effect of interferential current stimulation has not been conducted insufficiently.
Goal To clarify the principle of ICs and investigate the influence of each parameter on stimulation effect for optimizing the effect according to application.
Progress To reach the goal, we simulate nerve response to stimulation using FEM and nerve model.

Segmentation previous to MREPT reconstruction to improve the boundary of the cancerous tissue

Problem declaration The percentage of incorrect diagnosis of prostate cancer is affected from insignificant prostate cancer (IPC).
Goal The MREPT method has been created to develop a higher contrast image by inputting the electrical properties of the tissue, a higher contrast image would allow for the resolution of cancerous tissue by the specialists.
Progress Currently techniques to increase boundary resolution of MREPT is being researched.

Pain relief by nerve fiber selective stimulation based on endogenous opiate theory

Problem declaration Long-term treatment of pain relief by administration of analgesic is likely to lead to dependence.
Goal Analysis of potential distribution in the body by TES and examination of electrical stimulation therapy by simulation of stimulation response.
Progress Structure of finite element model of object part of electric stimulation.

Electrophysiological Models for Motor Recovery

Aim To implement and validate an effective and efficient electrophysiological model using a systematic approach to evaluate electrophysiological factors (macro to micro) in nerve activation for electrical stimulation.
Final goal To find optimal therapies for recovering motor functions using Electrical Stimulation.
Results until now 1) Validation of the voltage distribution using a dispersive model by human-equivalent phantoms and simplification to a non-dispersive model of the electric properties of the tissues.
2) Clarification of morphology detail necessary to represent the volume conductor of the model.
3) Experiments of the effect of morphological and dielectric properties of biological tissues using a systematic approach to reduce inter-individual variation.
4) The model implementation has been extended for non brain stimulation effects and electromyography estimation.

An Excitation-Contraction Coupling Simulation Using Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation

Aim Development of a novel excitation-contraction coupling simulation of the thigh for Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation.
Final goal To find optimal therapies for recovering motor functions using Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation.
Results until now To obtain the effect of different parameters (fat thickness, electrode size, etc.) in the Activation Volume (location of nerve activation) for a thigh model (cylindrical representation) and square-electrodes.